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For those who require extended stay accommodations during work travel, corporate lodging in Reno can be a smart, comfortable, and stress-free option. Whether coordinating a transition from one location to another or a temporary relocation to meet business needs, corporate lodging provides all the necessities to create a home away from home without all the hassles of finding a furnished, ready to move in apartment. CHC is one of the top providers of extended stay corporate lodging solutions in the Reno, NV area because of its impressive list of services and amenities.

Concierge and Administrative Services

Travel for work usually comes with a hectic schedule. Getting to know the area where you are staying, even if briefly, can take time. Instead of spending your leisure time trying coordinate plans, the CHC Concierge service can make reservations, book activities, and provide detailed information during your corporate lodging experience. Additionally, our friendly staff handles all the logistics for you before, during and after your work travel, ensuring the process is streamline and stress-free from an administrative perspective.

Corporate Lodging Suite Extras

You don't need to forego the amenities you are used to. CHC corporate lodging provides a number of specialty items to ensure your stay is both comfortable and inviting, from business equipment like projectors or screens for meetings to specialty beds or extra furniture requests. CHC has the means and desire to provide whatever you may need to make your experience feel more like home.

Transportation Services

One of the greatest challenges with corporate lodging and travel for work is linked directly to transportation needs. CHC offers our corporate lodging guests with everything from rental car services to airport pick-up and drop-off. We also provide limousine reservations and travel to recreation. CHC temporary housing provides you with the time to work efficiently.

CHC is a top provider of corporate lodging in the Reno area. Also, the friendly feel of the city makes work travel feel very enjoyable. Although it has a small town vibe, countless activities are available to those visiting during every season. Reno provides excellent outdoor recreation, including world class skiing and snowboarding. Also, Reno has quick access to beautiful waterside relaxation on Lake Tahoe. Furthermore, there are plenty of cultural events, including concerts and art exhibits that our clients can enjoy throughout the year. CHC can arrange any available activities that you may want to explore to help you enjoy the full Reno experience.

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