Business Update: More Drone Talk In Reno

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Drones in Reno… cleared for takeoff

If you haven’t heard, there’s been a lot of talk about drone companies moving out to Nevada, especially to Reno. And, as it turns out, our location is perfect for aviation testing. Not only do we have so much land, but our weather gives us almost 300 perfect days each year for flying. Perhaps most interesting though is the economic impact that this could have. And, while one drone company has already signed up, 20 more companies have submitted their applications to operate in Nevada. Even though it’s still early to tell, the possible number of drone companies doing business in and around the area could be very high and continue for a very long time providing a lot of opportunities for businesses and residents which also means an increase need for career housing.

drones, aviation testing, career housingMore than meets the eye

Drones aren’t just for wartime; they have the capability to keep citizens safe too. Tracking wildfires with drones and responding appropriately to them could reduce casualty rates. Where first responders couldn’t go, these drones can. Not to mention the benefit that Northwest Nevada’s mining industry could gain from it. Aside from monetary benefits, land-surveying technology could provide more efficient ways of locating natural resources and possibly reduce our carbon footprint; in addition to reducing the dangers miners face on a daily basis. For example, Hawkeye USA of America has drones that study grade measurements and topography.

Looking into the near future

While there are several major military installations in our state, it’s only reasonable to think they will be benefitting from this. However, it’s also important remember that this technology doesn’t just benefit the Department of Defense. By commercializing this technology, just about every part of our cities infrastructure will grow: public safety, health care and education. Aside from having ideal flight conditions, we offer the intellect too with schools like the University of Nevada, Reno and the Desert Research Institute.

Career Housing

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