Choosing Reno Short Term Housing That's Right For You

When moving to Reno for work, you need a Reno short-term housing option that fits your needs. You may be overwhelmed by the amount of short-term housing in Reno and the different benefits each community offers. Your time shouldn’t be spent stressing about your relocation, but enjoying the time you have before you move.
At Stay with CHC, we want to make it easier for you to find your ideal temporary housing option with a post dedicated to simplifying the process. For more information about Stay with CHC, contact us today.



Two Kinds of Reno Short Term Housing

The first step we want to do to simplify your housing decision is to group temporary corporate housing into two categories based on their general features and amenities. We like to call these two distinct groups of short-term housing Corporate Comfort and Urban Chic.

Living in Corporate Comfort

Housing that belongs to the Corporate Comfort is built for the businessman. Stay with CHC communities in Corporate Comfort feature everything a manager, executive, or senior staff needs to work effectively and comfortably.

All of the Essentials

Every Corporate Comfort community is fully furnished with the high-quality furniture to make your transition quick and your stay comfortable. Each of our communities is also complete a full set of appliances to give you the complete home experience. These include washer/dryer, television, Wifi, and a full kitchen.

Working from Home Has Never Been Easier

Our goal with Corporate Comfort is to provide a place where you can conduct your work professionally and conveniently. Many of our Corporate Comfort communities come equipped with on-site conference rooms perfect for holding meetings with coworkers and clientele. Many units across our Corporate Comfort line have options for an additional office room.

Live in Luxury

When you have free time you should be able to take advantage of everything that Northern Nevada has to offer. Each Corporate Comfort community brings luxury living with unique amenities and features not found outside of Stay with CHC.

Depending on the location, amenities can include a full-scale onsite fitness center, pool, clubhouse and so much more. Some Corporate Comfort locations are located near world-class golf courses, private lakes, as well as fine dining, shopping, and entertainment.

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Located on its own private lake, The Vintage at South Meadows is one of our many luxury Corporate Comfort communities.

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The Vintage features business conference rooms and a full-scale gymnasium, perfect for someone looking to work and live comfortably.

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Each unit is fully furnished along with vaulted ceilings and custom fireplaces. Working from home has never been better.

Living in Urban Chic

If you’re someone who is on the go, you may want a smaller place that is more conveniently located near many important destinations. Urban Chic is our line of smaller, inexpensive short-term housing option with an emphasis on convenience and affordability.

Get Where You Need to Go

Our Urban Chic locations are located in the heart of downtown Reno, making them conveniently located near popular places of work for those traveling in cars or using the thorough Downtown bus line.

For nurses and doctors, our Urban Chic locations are only a 4-minute drive from Saint Mary’s Medical Center and an 11-minute drive from Renown Medical Center.

Our locations are also just a short walking distance from all the action downtown. Take part in many of Reno’s downtown events that happen right outside your door, such as food truck Friday, or the art walk. You’ll also be right next to the Truckee River, Idlewild Park and all the fine dining and entertainment downtown Reno has to offer.

Everything You Need In Short Term Housing

All Urban Chic locations are designed to be affordable and convenient, without cutting out the necessities. Each unit is fully furnished with kitchen supplies, TV & couch, dining nook, and appliances. While Urban Chic communities may not have the luxury amenities of Corporate Comfort, you’ll still have plenty to do living in the heart of Reno.


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Urban West is Stay with CHC’s more quaint Reno short term housing, located in Downtown Reno.

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Urban Chic communities were made for those who’ll be out working or want to explore all that Reno offers.

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To save you stress and time, Urban West is fully furnished and ready to move in. No need to bring furniture or dishware!

Find your Reno Short Term Housing Today

Ready to choose your new home in Reno? Stay with CHC is Northern Nevada’s #1 short term housing and corporate housing company. We provide everything you need to make your transition as stress-free and comfortable as possible. For more information on what we can do for you, contact us today.

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