Reno has seen unprecedented growth thanks to the number of businesses and large companies moving into the area. This means more business travelers are using extended housing in Reno or looking for month to month rentals. Luckily for travelers, the Biggest Little City is an awesome place to stay if you’re looking for outdoor activities in the summer!

Here are a few of the best activities to check out during your stay in Reno:

Hiking the Sierra Nevada Mountains:

During your extended stay, you’re likely working much of the time. This makes hiking a perfect activity for you! The number of hiking trails within a 15-minute drive from downtown Reno makes this one of the country’s best areas for beautiful summer hiking. While Northern Nevada gets quite hot during the summer months, you’ll quickly cool off again as you go up in elevation in the mountains.

Exploring Midtown Culture:

If you’re considering making Reno your permanent home in the future, explore more of the Reno culture at Artown, which is a month-long event chock full of workshops and exhibits to see and shop for local art pieces. Another option is the Art Walk, which gives you a chance to explore the funky murals and artistic vibe of Midtown as you take in the beautiful river scenery and stop in at one of the newest restaurants in town.

Take a Paddleboat Tour on Lake Tahoe:

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If during your extended stay in Reno you find a weekend with a bit of free time, there’s nothing better than relaxing on Lake Tahoe during the summer. Escape the hot Reno area as you venture further south to the lake. Expect a temperature drop of 10-15 degrees compared to the weather in Reno. Check out several of the beaches around the lake or if you enjoy being on the water, look into a paddleboat tour or a rental company to adventure out further on your own.

Experiment with a New Restaurant:

The growth of business in Reno has also brought in a flood of new restaurants to the area. Take a break to explore a few of the area’s best restaurants. Feeling like some authentic and mouth watering Mexican food? Then you’ll love the menu at Chihuahua’s Cantina and Grill! You’ll find hip bars with outdoor patios in the Midtown area and fine-dining options in South Reno. Two of our favorite recommendations for high-quality dishes and service are the Grill at Quail Corners and Centro South, which recently opened in the luxurious Village at Rancharrah shopping center!

Extended Stay Reno

Reno’s growth has led the city to an exciting, changing landscape! Be sure to take the time to get to know the area while on your extended stay in Reno. Not sure which activities you’d like to do? Stay With CHC has a concierge service that will help you make the most of your time in Reno. The concierge can assist you in selecting activities as well as booking reservations. is an independent temporary housing service focused on finding you the best possible corporate housing for rent. To provide you with peace of mind, we offer only the highest quality of furniture, decor and household goods in all of our conveniently located month to month rentals.

Interested in staying with us during your extended stay Reno? Contact Stay With CHC to learn about the executive housing we provide!

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