If you travel often for work you’ve probably been to quite a few hotels in your time. And if you’ve had to stay longer than a couple of days then you know how uncomfortable extended hotel stays can be. Luckily, hotels aren’t the only option for temporary housing anymore. Now, there’s corporate housing as an option to change how you feel about business trips. 

So, what is corporate housing? Simply put, it is a more comfortable, convenient and cost-effective type of temporary housing. It’s a great option for anyone who’s planning an extended stay either alone or with their family and has many added benefits that hotels just don’t offer. Learn more about corporate housing rentals below!  

what is corporate housingWhat is Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing is a short-term housing option traditionally for business professionals on the road but is useful for anyone who needs a temporary living space. Not only is corporate housing more comfortable than staying in a hotel for an extended time, but it’s actually a more cost-effective option as well. Hotels can cost anywhere from $75-$195 a night, while corporate housing is much more affordable for extended stays. And apartments are usually only available by contract, but corporate housing is available without having to commit to a long-term lease. 

Typically, corporate temporary housing is located in apartment complexes or condominiums and is used on average for 2-3 months. They may additionally offer shorter stay times on a weekly basis for guests who don’t plan on staying too long. It’s important to note that corporate housing for rent today isn’t just a single room with a bathroom and mini-fridge on the floor. Short-term housing like this includes a full-size bathroom, kitchen and bedroom is fully furnished and feels just like home. And corporate housing comes with a suite of services and added amenities.

Who uses it?

Corporate housing was originally intended for business professionals and entrepreneurs. Still, furnished corporate apartments are greatly convenient for traveling businessmen and women, but it’s not limited to only providing an extended stay for executive associates and employees. Now that travel has ramped up for many companies, there are plenty of employees ready to work across the country and move to new places. Short-term housing is a great option for:

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What are the benefits?what is corporate housing

The benefits of corporate housing are vast, from the wide range of amenities to the at-home feeling of comfort and coziness. Furnished corporate housing comes fully equipped with essential pieces like beds and dressers but also creature comforts like sofas, flat-screen televisions and modern decor. They provide soft towels, blankets, sheets, and pillows and encourage you to bring small personal items that make your temporary housing more comfortable. 

Another way corporate lodging helps you feel at home is how functional they are compared to hotels. For instance, corporate housing provides a fully equipped kitchen with all things needed to make your favorite home-cooked meals. Most short-term rentals feature a full kitchen with a variety of pots, pans, dishes and utensils. This type of short-term housing is typically located in a residential setting as opposed to hotels that are often close to major roads which can be loud at night and busy during the day. 

Like hotels, furnished corporate apartments feature an array of amenities for guests to enjoy during their stay. Many complexes have on-site fitness centers, swimming pools and spas. Like hotels, corporate lodging provides maid services as well as concierge services.

How do you choose Corporate Housing?

To choose the right corporate housing arrangement for you, start by assessing your specific needs and wants. If you’re more of an on-the-go type of person, you’ll probably want a place that is located conveniently close to where you’re working and probably has easy access to essential shopping. But if you’re more concerned about comfort than convenience, then you may want to stay somewhere with a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere.   

Everyone feels comfortable in different environments, so be sure to find the right match for you!

How to Get Started on Finding Your Own Furnished Corporate Apartment

Are you ready to choose your new furnished apartment in Reno? Stay with CHC is Northern Nevada’s #1 short-term housing and corporate housing company. We provide everything you need to make your transition as stress-free and comfortable as possible. For more information on what we can do for you, connect with us!

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The price of an apartment has skyrocketed in recent years. Not to mention they generally require you to be locked into a long term lease, which is less than ideal in our quickly moving and ever-changing world. On top of that, there are usually strict guidelines to follow and the parking situation is often a mess. Then you have to furnish your new apartment which can be costly, especially for families. Fortunately, we have the solution to all of these concerns. 


Advantages of Short Term Housing

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You may have heard of corporate housing, also known as short term housing, but what you may not have known is that it’s not just for traveling businessmen and women. Short term housing offers a wide range of advantages not only to business professionals, but to families, college students, and anyone who’s only traveling somewhere new for a brief time. Check them out below.

Ease of Moving-In

Corporate housing makes moving easy, which is great news for anyone. CHC has elegantly furnished each unit to make you and your family feel more comfortable. Not only does this save you money on expensive pieces of furniture that you’ll have to lug around once you move, but it also gives your temporary home the feeling of home. Comfort for our guests is one of our biggest priorities. With that said, we also provide soft sheets and towels of the highest quality, and have equipped the kitchen with whatever you may need to make your favorite home-cooked meal.

No Long Term Lease

Another reason short term housing may be a good living arrangement for you is having the flexibility to move at any time. If you’ve ever lived in an apartment you probably know that they require you to sign a long-term lease agreement of at least a year. But, some of us aren’t sure what we’re going to be doing in a year, and committing to such a long-term lease could feel restricting. And to break your lease early usually costs a pretty penny and results in you having to forfeit your deposit. However, with short term leasing opportunities, you have the freedom to move on whenever you’re ready. And even better, it costs absolutely nothing to do so.

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Greater Availability

Not only are apartments somewhat expensive and restrictive, they’re also hard to come by. Places like Reno, Nevada are vastly growing their communities, which has limited availability of open apartments. This limited availability often makes apartments more expensive and sometimes unaffordable. Apartments are often competing with families and students who are looking to stay long term, which can hurt your chances of getting the apartment you want. Corporate housing has much more availability than apartments and can accommodate families, college students, and more!

Kind and Friendly Service

Most people find that their apartment complex does very little in regard to their services. It usually takes days or even weeks to get anyone to help you with a leaky faucet and the office staff rarely seems helpful in problematic situations. If you decide to Stay with CHC you can expect to get high-quality assistance from our friendly staff. We’re here to help make your stay more comfortable, and we’re always happy to be able to give our guests a great experience with us.

Stay With CHC - Short Term Housing Company

Rather than spend your time and money looking for an apartment to live in, consider choosing our short term housing options! We strive to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. We want you to enjoy Reno and Northern Nevada as much as we do, and we’d love to have you stay with us! Check out our corporate housing units today!

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smarter cities challenge, housing in renoThe Reno area isn’t just a destination for winter sports enthusiasts and businesses. When summer rolls around, art and music festivals, farmer’s markets, rodeos, and sporting events are just a handful of things available, thanks to some very dedicated people.

Reno’s city planners and officials have been engaging in revitalization projects since the 1990s. The Reno Revitalization has taken huge steps in beautifying the downtown area considerably since then, but they’ve realized it’s going to take more than just a few coats of paint and updated roads to improve the quality of life for the residents and attract a new clientele to the city.

Despite our cities overall success, sometimes what’s really needed is a fresh perspective to evaluate how a city is performing in today’s economy.

As a way to address this, IBM developed the Smarter Cities Challenge. The challenge assesses critical issues cities face by deploying a team to engage with the population, analyze factors such as: education, economy, health, local government, use of assets etc; and recommend ways to improve the city. Essentially, the intent is to gauge if cities are using their resources effectively.

In 2012, The University of Nevada, Reno and the City of Reno, was 1 out of only 33 cities to participate in the challenge with IBM. And, in early 2013, Reno completed their challenge.

According to Reno’s IBM Smarter Cities Challenge, the following was reported. The serious issues were: education, a highly skilled workforce and a thriving local economy. Some areas for improvement were: efficient citizen services, local government enabling processes, efficient use of assets and public safety.

However, the report also showed that the city was performing well within the areas of: dependable and appropriate transportation, high-speed connectivity, sustainable utilities, healthy citizens, a sustainable environment and support for an aging population.

In order to turn things around, the report recommended: changing the mindset of the populous through collaboration, present a singular economic voice, build a system to support economic development and present a single regional identity.

Since IBM began this initiative in 2012, only one hundred cities have been selected to receive grants and participate.

Housing in Reno

Stay With CHC can provide you with corporate housing in Reno. Reno may be the Biggest Little City but it continues to grow thanks to the Reno Revitalization and the Smarter Cities Challenge. If you need assistance finding housing in Reno, contact Stay With CHC today.

Nevada Shade Week is growing one tree at a time.

UNR's Arboretum Board teams up with the City of Reno to earn the title "Tree Campus USA."
UNR’s Arboretum Board and the City of Reno are celebrating Nevada Shade Week by planting a variety of trees around the school to benefit children at the Child and Family Research Center on Saturday, October 25.

The event was created in an effort to help communities build sustainable urban forests for future generations. This will expand the university’s arboretum, which is defined as a site where trees are deliberately cultivated for scientific, educational, and aesthetic purposes according to John Claudius Loudon. The campus represents over 200 species of tree on campus.

Fraternity students from Phi Delta Theta volunteered to help plant the 12 trees this Saturday. The trees are being planted near the playground and were donated by the Urban and Community Forestry Program through a grant from the and-community-forest/">Nevada Division of Forestry. Each tree will be about 40 feet tall and range from Gala Apple trees, Northern Red Oak trees, Catalpa Umbrella trees, and many other shaded beauties. These trees will provide shade as well as learning opportunities for the children at the Child and Family Research Center.

Tree CampusChild and Family Research Center

The central message from the event is about taking care of the Reno community. The Child and Family Research center on campus was developed for the purpose of a safe and nurturing environment for students, faculty and staff, and families who meet the federal poverty guidelines. The goal of the program is to prepare students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to succeed. The children will help take care of the trees after they are planted in an effort to help them reduce anxiety and tension. Research shows nature helps alleviate stress.

Tree Campus USA

The other goal is to earn UNR the label “Tree Campus USA.” The university was recognized as a state arboretum in 1985 and the next step is be acknowledged by the Arbor Day Foundation. The requirements for earning the title “Tree Campus USA” are to demonstrate a commitment to the care and health of trees in their community. The message is clear that we can always do more to improve our communities while reinvigorating our relationship with nature.  The university’s service project, sponsored by the Nevada Division of Forestry and supported by the Arboretum Board and the City of Reno, will meet the qualifications needed to be a certified Tree Campus USA.

Temporary Housing

Are you in need of temporary housing near UNR? Learn more about why Northern Nevada is the best place for temporary housing by exploring Stay with CHC’s blogs.


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