July was a great month. We celebrated our nation’s independence; and the warmer weather gave us a chance to get outside. Here in Reno this time of year also gives us the opportunities to celebrate our artistic side with the annual Artown festival; and lets us spotlight how great our local businesses are at interacting with the community.

Celebrating the Arts!

Artown2_CHCThis month-long event brings together local and international artists with businesses and the community to promote cultural diversity and creativity. There are a variety of free and ticketed events, workshops, and programs in which visitors can learn about different causes and find ways to get involved. With so many things to see and do including: music performances, history tours, art shows, theatrical performances and food vendors; there’s something for everyone!

Artown does a lot more than just bring together talented individuals and innovative businesses. The economic impact that it has on the city is also quite impressive. Sponsors for the event come from just about everywhere and in a variety of ways. Support for it varies from major corporations to local businesses, foundations and volunteers, not to mention the daily visitors who are mostly residents. Because Reno has a major hospitality and tourism infrastructure already in place, the city is more than capable of supporting the influx of visitors needing places to stay or seeking other forms of entertainment.

In 1996, the first Artown saw an attendance of thirty-thousand people. Since then, that attendance has grown to over three-hundred thousand people and on average it has brought in more than ten-million dollars in revenue. Each year the event showcases new artists, events, businesses, and attractions. The event’s following has grown immensely since those days, and continues to do so. Whether you’re a business owner, visitor, or volunteer, your partnership with Artown definitely has its benefits.

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