Gas Prices in Reno

As the warm weather has begun to peak its head out we are already see Reno gas prices rise. The average gas price in Reno is currently $3.73. This is .17 cents higher than the state average and .21 cents higher than the states average. Historically gas prices rise in the summer but overall gas prices are predicted to lower over the course 2014, but it hasn’t been seen yet.

The top 3 stations for the lowest gas prices in town are at Discount Gas & Liquor on Yori Ave, Costco on Harvard Way, and Sam’s Club on Kietzke Ln.

Reno is Chosen as 1 of 6 States for Drone Testing

NAAISC, the Nevada Advanced Autonomous Systems Innovation Center, has found a its home at the University of Nevada’s newly acquired Sinclair Building, located in Reno’s midtown.

At the end of 2013, the Federal Aviation Administration announced that Nevada would be one of six states designated to begin testing drones for relocation housingcommercial use. Each of the six test sites will focus on specific aspects of commercial drone use. Nevada’s concentration will be on standards, operations and certification requirements, as well as, air traffic control procedures.

The research and testing will take place at Boulder City Municipal Airport, Reno Stead Airport, Fallon Naval Air Station and the Nevada Nation Security Site.

“The Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) industry holds the promise of many good jobs for Nevadans. According to the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, the State’s forecast shows that there could be over 10,000 jobs for UAS direct employees with an average wage of approximately $62,000 and an estimated $2.5 billion in economic impact by the middle of the next decade.”

If you are a businessman or women staying in the Reno-Tahoe area and want to hear anything specific about the local economy or business market, let us know. We would love to get feedback on the questions you have when considering doing business in Reno.

Relocation Housing

Stay With CHC provides relocation housing in Reno and nearby areas. If you are relocating to Reno, it is important to do your research and find relocation housing in areas where the gas prices in Reno are not too high. Contact Stay With CHC and we can help you find the perfect relocation housing that will suit all of your needs.


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Droning On
UNR Drone Center

smarter cities challenge, housing in renoThe Reno area isn’t just a destination for winter sports enthusiasts and businesses. When summer rolls around, art and music festivals, farmer’s markets, rodeos, and sporting events are just a handful of things available, thanks to some very dedicated people.

Reno’s city planners and officials have been engaging in revitalization projects since the 1990s. The Reno Revitalization has taken huge steps in beautifying the downtown area considerably since then, but they’ve realized it’s going to take more than just a few coats of paint and updated roads to improve the quality of life for the residents and attract a new clientele to the city.

Despite our cities overall success, sometimes what’s really needed is a fresh perspective to evaluate how a city is performing in today’s economy.

As a way to address this, IBM developed the Smarter Cities Challenge. The challenge assesses critical issues cities face by deploying a team to engage with the population, analyze factors such as: education, economy, health, local government, use of assets etc; and recommend ways to improve the city. Essentially, the intent is to gauge if cities are using their resources effectively.

In 2012, The University of Nevada, Reno and the City of Reno, was 1 out of only 33 cities to participate in the challenge with IBM. And, in early 2013, Reno completed their challenge.

According to Reno’s IBM Smarter Cities Challenge, the following was reported. The serious issues were: education, a highly skilled workforce and a thriving local economy. Some areas for improvement were: efficient citizen services, local government enabling processes, efficient use of assets and public safety.

However, the report also showed that the city was performing well within the areas of: dependable and appropriate transportation, high-speed connectivity, sustainable utilities, healthy citizens, a sustainable environment and support for an aging population.

In order to turn things around, the report recommended: changing the mindset of the populous through collaboration, present a singular economic voice, build a system to support economic development and present a single regional identity.

Since IBM began this initiative in 2012, only one hundred cities have been selected to receive grants and participate.

Housing in Reno

Stay With CHC can provide you with corporate housing in Reno. Reno may be the Biggest Little City but it continues to grow thanks to the Reno Revitalization and the Smarter Cities Challenge. If you need assistance finding housing in Reno, contact Stay With CHC today.

July was a great month for Reno, NV. We celebrated our nation’s independence; and the warmer weather gave us a chance to get outside. Here in Reno, this time of year also gives us the opportunities to celebrate our artistic side with the annual Reno Artown Festival. Artown lets us spotlight how great our local businesses are at interacting with the community.

Celebrating the Arts!

Reno Artown Festival, relocation housingThis month-long event brings together local and international artists with businesses and the community to promote cultural diversity and creativity. There are a variety of free and ticketed events, workshops, and programs in which visitors can learn about different causes and find ways to get involved. With so many things to see and do including: music performances, history tours, art shows, theatrical performances and food vendors; there’s something for everyone!

Artown does a lot more than just bring together talented individuals and innovative businesses. The economic impact that it has on the city is also quite impressive. Sponsors for the event come from just about everywhere and in a variety of ways. Support for it varies from major corporations to local businesses, foundations and volunteers, not to mention the daily visitors who are mostly residents. Because Reno has a major hospitality and tourism infrastructure already in place, the city is more than capable of supporting the influx of visitors needing places to stay or seeking other forms of entertainment.

In 1996, the first Artown saw an attendance of thirty-thousand people. Since then, that attendance has grown to over three-hundred thousand people and on average it has brought in more than ten-million dollars in revenue. Each year the event showcases new artists, events, businesses, and attractions. The event’s following has grown immensely since those days, and continues to do so. Whether you’re a business owner, visitor, or volunteer, your partnership with Artown definitely has its benefits.

Relocation Housing

The City of Reno puts on many events for the Reno community. If you are relocating to Reno, there will always be something new for you to discover. Connect with Stay With CHC today to start looking for your relocation housing.

drones, aviation testing, career housing

Drones in Reno… cleared for takeoff

If you haven’t heard, there’s been a lot of talk about drone companies moving out to Nevada, especially to Reno. And, as it turns out, our location is perfect for aviation testing. Not only do we have so much land, but our weather gives us almost 300 perfect days each year for flying. Perhaps most interesting though is the economic impact that this could have. And, while one drone company has already signed up, 20 more companies have submitted their applications to operate in Nevada. Even though it’s still early to tell, the possible number of drone companies doing business in and around the area could be very high and continue for a very long time providing a lot of opportunities for businesses and residents which also means an increase need for career housing.

drones, aviation testing, career housingMore than meets the eye

Drones aren’t just for wartime; they have the capability to keep citizens safe too. Tracking wildfires with drones and responding appropriately to them could reduce casualty rates. Where first responders couldn’t go, these drones can. Not to mention the benefit that Northwest Nevada’s mining industry could gain from it. Aside from monetary benefits, land-surveying technology could provide more efficient ways of locating natural resources and possibly reduce our carbon footprint; in addition to reducing the dangers miners face on a daily basis. For example, Hawkeye USA of America has drones that study grade measurements and topography.

Looking into the near future

While there are several major military installations in our state, it’s only reasonable to think they will be benefitting from this. However, it’s also important remember that this technology doesn’t just benefit the Department of Defense. By commercializing this technology, just about every part of our cities infrastructure will grow: public safety, health care and education. Aside from having ideal flight conditions, we offer the intellect too with schools like the University of Nevada, Reno and the Desert Research Institute.

Career Housing

If you are in need of corporate housing or temporary housing in Reno, NV, Stay With CHC has you covered. Contact us today to get started on your next adventure. 


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Tesla's Gigafactory Will Bring Numerous Opportunities to Reno

Well the news is out and Reno has been chosen as the new location for Tesla’s Gigafactory.

Over the past few months there has been a lot of speculation about the large construction project near the Reno-Stead Airport. But Tesla’s announcement with Governor Sandoval is confirmation of the new site and proves that Northern Nevada is a major player in our nation’s economy and has a lot to offer.

Tesla’s new factory will manufacture lithium-ion batteries for their upcoming Model 3s and will require an additional 6,500 employees to operate the 10-million square foot facility. While this site is sure to help bring jobs, it’s also sure to increase the need for temporary and corporate housing services in Northern Nevada as families and workers influx the area.

Looking at the numbers, here’s how Tesla could help

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Nevada’s unemployment rate is the third-highest in the country at 7.7%. The additional 6,500 jobs that Tesla needs to perform operations at the new site wouldn’t just help ease the unemployed and underemployed, but it would reinforce the notion that Reno’s economy isn’t just dependent on gambling and casinos.

Reno Corporate Housing

We’re not just smiling faces and neon-lighted places.

Reno was in competition with other site locations that were being constructed in states like Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. But it’s hard to imagine that our short driving distance from Teslas’ headquarters in Palo Alto, California is what sold them on choosing us. Our businesses are booming here, and we’re not just talking about the Comstock days either! Apple is building their new data center here, our state was just approved for drone testing and companies like Amazon and Barnes and Noble already have facilities in the area. Tesla’s confirmation on building a large scale facility in Reno speaks volumes about what the city, the people, and the state offer.

Our ability to provide you with Reno corporate housing locations is second-to-none. So when you find yourself looking for temporary corporate housing in Carson City, Reno, Sparks or anywhere else, let us help! From more information about the Gigafactory coming to Reno check out form Tesla here.

Nevada Shade Week is growing one tree at a time.

UNR's Arboretum Board teams up with the City of Reno to earn the title "Tree Campus USA."
UNR’s Arboretum Board and the City of Reno are celebrating Nevada Shade Week by planting a variety of trees around the school to benefit children at the Child and Family Research Center on Saturday, October 25.

The event was created in an effort to help communities build sustainable urban forests for future generations. This will expand the university’s arboretum, which is defined as a site where trees are deliberately cultivated for scientific, educational, and aesthetic purposes according to John Claudius Loudon. The campus represents over 200 species of tree on campus.

Fraternity students from Phi Delta Theta volunteered to help plant the 12 trees this Saturday. The trees are being planted near the playground and were donated by the Urban and Community Forestry Program through a grant from the and-community-forest/">Nevada Division of Forestry. Each tree will be about 40 feet tall and range from Gala Apple trees, Northern Red Oak trees, Catalpa Umbrella trees, and many other shaded beauties. These trees will provide shade as well as learning opportunities for the children at the Child and Family Research Center.

Tree CampusChild and Family Research Center

The central message from the event is about taking care of the Reno community. The Child and Family Research center on campus was developed for the purpose of a safe and nurturing environment for students, faculty and staff, and families who meet the federal poverty guidelines. The goal of the program is to prepare students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to succeed. The children will help take care of the trees after they are planted in an effort to help them reduce anxiety and tension. Research shows nature helps alleviate stress.

Tree Campus USA

The other goal is to earn UNR the label “Tree Campus USA.” The university was recognized as a state arboretum in 1985 and the next step is be acknowledged by the Arbor Day Foundation. The requirements for earning the title “Tree Campus USA” are to demonstrate a commitment to the care and health of trees in their community. The message is clear that we can always do more to improve our communities while reinvigorating our relationship with nature.  The university’s service project, sponsored by the Nevada Division of Forestry and supported by the Arboretum Board and the City of Reno, will meet the qualifications needed to be a certified Tree Campus USA.

Temporary Housing

Are you in need of temporary housing near UNR? Learn more about why Northern Nevada is the best place for temporary housing by exploring Stay with CHC’s blogs.


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Relocating to Reno Tahoe

Reno Tahoe is the perfect place to explore during winter, especially if you are considering an extended stay or even relocating to Reno Tahoe. From the fun and exotic city life to the magical landscapes and snow filled mountains, Northern Nevada has something for everyone. Yet, nobody wants to be sifting through powder all day trying to find the best adventure. That’s why we’re here with our top five winter adventures worth exploring this season.

Cross Country Skiing and Snow Shoeing

Everyone knows about Tahoe’s ski and snowboarding attractions, but when it comes to long distance adventures nothing beats cross country snowshoe and skiing. This is perfect for a family or corporate group event. The carefully groomed and scenic trails can be a breath of fresh air for all ages. We recommend checking out Northstar’s 35 kilometer adventure for an all-day experience. Along the way you’ll even find a cozy hut, filled with hot chocolate and tea.

Sleighs and Sleds

On your feet a lot? Try kicking back in an open sleigh ride. Borges Sleigh Rides are available all year around, but the magic really comes out in the winter time. The powdery white backdrop is a gorgeous experience for anyone on-board. And if you’re looking for something with a little more bite, try dog sledding. Wilderness Adventures offers a wild experiences for any willing participants. Plus, the dogs are adorable!

Snow Parks

Let’s be real, the best part of anyone’s childhood during winter was sliding down a snowy hill on a tube. Yet finding a premium built slope was too much of a guessing game. North Tahoe Regional Park and Sierra Adventures provide the best recreation for the young and young at heart. Feel the rush from super steep slopes and surprise snowball fights.

Ice Skating

If it’s your first winter in Northern Nevada you must visit the Ice Rink on the River. Outdoor ice rinks are the best, and Reno’s is no exception. Strap on some skates and glide along this joyous experience. The best part is the rink is at the epicenter of town, perfectly located near plenty of other attractions.

Snowmobile Tours

If you want a rush that combines a little of everything, jump onto a snowmobile and weave through the forest in style. Escape the everyday life and go for the extreme in one of the most memorable adventures you can have while staying in Northern Nevada.
If you are considering a place for short term living, check out Stay with CHC for all of your corporate housing needs. The Reno Tahoe area is perfect for living life adventurously.

For those who require extended stay accommodations during work travel, corporate lodging in Reno can be a smart, comfortable, and stress-free option. Whether coordinating a transition from one location to another or a temporary relocation to meet business needs, corporate lodging provides all the necessities to create a home away from home without all the hassles of finding a furnished, ready to move in apartment. CHC is one of the top providers of extended stay corporate lodging solutions in the Reno, NV area because of its impressive list of services and amenities.

Concierge and Administrative Services

Travel for work usually comes with a hectic schedule. Getting to know the area where you are staying, even if briefly, can take time. Instead of spending your leisure time trying coordinate plans, the CHC Concierge service can make reservations, book activities, and provide detailed information during your corporate lodging experience. Additionally, our friendly staff handles all the logistics for you before, during and after your work travel, ensuring the process is streamline and stress-free from an administrative perspective.

Corporate Lodging Suite Extras

You don't need to forego the amenities you are used to. CHC corporate lodging provides a number of specialty items to ensure your stay is both comfortable and inviting, from business equipment like projectors or screens for meetings to specialty beds or extra furniture requests. CHC has the means and desire to provide whatever you may need to make your experience feel more like home.

Transportation Services

One of the greatest challenges with corporate lodging and travel for work is linked directly to transportation needs. CHC offers our corporate lodging guests with everything from rental car services to airport pick-up and drop-off. We also provide limousine reservations and travel to recreation. CHC temporary housing provides you with the time to work efficiently.

CHC is a top provider of corporate lodging in the Reno area. Also, the friendly feel of the city makes work travel feel very enjoyable. Although it has a small town vibe, countless activities are available to those visiting during every season. Reno provides excellent outdoor recreation, including world class skiing and snowboarding. Also, Reno has quick access to beautiful waterside relaxation on Lake Tahoe. Furthermore, there are plenty of cultural events, including concerts and art exhibits that our clients can enjoy throughout the year. CHC can arrange any available activities that you may want to explore to help you enjoy the full Reno experience.

To learn more about our corporate lodging options as well as review a full list of services, please and" href="/contact/">contact us today.

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