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If you’ve ever had to stay in corporate temporary housing, you’ll understand the feeling of living in an apartment or condo that simply doesn’t feel like home. While it’s better than staying in a hotel for an extended period of time, corporate housing rentals often feel very unfamiliar. And even if your corporate housing company makes your temporary home more comfortable with a cozy bed and nice sheets, it still won’t have that “at-home” feel. Here are some easy and affordable ways you can turn your temporary living situation into a home during your stay.

1. Fully unpack and settle in

Learning how to make corporate housing feel like a real home requires you to treat it with care.   Leaving your belongings closed up in a suitcase on the floor of your corporate living space doesn’t necessarily exude the essence of home. In order to really feel like you’re at home, your clothes and bathroom supplies should be in their natural spots. So, unpack those bags, put your belongings away, and settle into your home away from home.

2. Bring your own linens and towels

Although your corporate housing company will provide soft, high-quality linens and towels, having your own sheets and towels can help you feel more pleasant in your temporary living situation. We totally understand that everyone has a unique style and prefers different things. Bring your coziest sheets and throw pillows, or change up the shower curtains and towels for a more personalized experience.

3. Utilize that kitchen

Dining out daily and having a trash can full of empty fast-food containers will only make you feel like you’re staying in a hotel. One of the benefits of using a corporate housing company as opposed to staying in a hotel is the full kitchen they provide you with. Using the kitchen in your temporary home will not only save you money on eating out for every meal, but it’ll make you feel like you’re cooking a homemade meal like you would do on any given night. 

4. Bring friendly reminders of your home


Sometimes we miss the smallest things about our home when we’re away, like having your favorite mug to enjoy your morning coffee in or putting on your most comfortable slippers. Having these items with you can help you feel like you’re at home, even when you’re miles and miles away. You can also give your corporate finished apartment the essence of home with a familiar-smelling candle or air freshener.

5. Keep your routine

Maintaining your usual routine can help make the transition of not being at home less uncomfortable. Having at least some consistency while you’re away will help you adjust to your new surroundings and feel more at home while you’re in a new place. And as you continue your normal routine, the feeling of being away from home will get easier.

6. Bring items that showcase your personality 

Personalizing your corporate housing rental with your favorite books, pictures, artwork, or even small knick knacks for display can help remind you of home. Having these familiar items around can alleviate the homesickness you might feel while being away.

If you know you’re going to miss your loved ones back home, bring pictures of them with you. It’s nice to have a familiar face around in a new place, even if it’s only printed on paper.

7. Get a houseplant

Not only are houseplants a great way to add some life to a room and improve your air quality, but they can also have positive effects on your mind. Plants have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety and lift your mood. Placing a small or medium-sized indoor plant on a table or countertop is easy and can add a personal touch to your new living space.

8. Get to know your surroundings

Exploring the new area will not only give you something to do in your spare time, but will help you enjoy your temporary home. This can be especially important if you’re planning on taking the next step of relocating. 

Get to know the ins and outs of the Biggest Little City, find your new favorite Midtown or South Reno restaurant, or just enjoy the adventure of a new place. Getting to experience the city around you can also make your extended stay more fun and seem less like a business trip. 

Ask your corporate housing company about their favorite places or some fun things to do while you stay with them.

Stay With CHC- Your Reno Corporate Housing Company

Stay With CHC is a corporate housing company located in Reno, Nevada dedicated to providing comfortable living for temporary tenants. We understand that normal corporate housing can feel very corporate. We strive to enhance your experience with us by offering luxury accommodations that will make you feel more at home during your extended stay. Connect with us to see how we can help make your extended stay more comfortable, and browse our current corporate housing for rent here.

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If you travel often for work you’ve probably been to quite a few hotels in your time. And if you’ve had to stay longer than a couple of days then you know how uncomfortable extended hotel stays can be. Luckily, hotels aren’t the only option for temporary housing anymore. Now, there’s corporate housing as an option to change how you feel about business trips. 

So, what is corporate housing? Simply put, it is a more comfortable, convenient and cost-effective type of temporary housing. It’s a great option for anyone who’s planning an extended stay either alone or with their family and has many added benefits that hotels just don’t offer. Learn more about corporate housing rentals below!  

what is corporate housingWhat is Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing is a short-term housing option traditionally for business professionals on the road but is useful for anyone who needs a temporary living space. Not only is corporate housing more comfortable than staying in a hotel for an extended time, but it’s actually a more cost-effective option as well. Hotels can cost anywhere from $75-$195 a night, while corporate housing is much more affordable for extended stays. And apartments are usually only available by contract, but corporate housing is available without having to commit to a long-term lease. 

Typically, corporate temporary housing is located in apartment complexes or condominiums and is used on average for 2-3 months. They may additionally offer shorter stay times on a weekly basis for guests who don’t plan on staying too long. It’s important to note that corporate housing for rent today isn’t just a single room with a bathroom and mini-fridge on the floor. Short-term housing like this includes a full-size bathroom, kitchen and bedroom is fully furnished and feels just like home. And corporate housing comes with a suite of services and added amenities.

Who uses it?

Corporate housing was originally intended for business professionals and entrepreneurs. Still, furnished corporate apartments are greatly convenient for traveling businessmen and women, but it’s not limited to only providing an extended stay for executive associates and employees. Now that travel has ramped up for many companies, there are plenty of employees ready to work across the country and move to new places. Short-term housing is a great option for:

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What are the benefits?what is corporate housing

The benefits of corporate housing are vast, from the wide range of amenities to the at-home feeling of comfort and coziness. Furnished corporate housing comes fully equipped with essential pieces like beds and dressers but also creature comforts like sofas, flat-screen televisions and modern decor. They provide soft towels, blankets, sheets, and pillows and encourage you to bring small personal items that make your temporary housing more comfortable. 

Another way corporate lodging helps you feel at home is how functional they are compared to hotels. For instance, corporate housing provides a fully equipped kitchen with all things needed to make your favorite home-cooked meals. Most short-term rentals feature a full kitchen with a variety of pots, pans, dishes and utensils. This type of short-term housing is typically located in a residential setting as opposed to hotels that are often close to major roads which can be loud at night and busy during the day. 

Like hotels, furnished corporate apartments feature an array of amenities for guests to enjoy during their stay. Many complexes have on-site fitness centers, swimming pools and spas. Like hotels, corporate lodging provides maid services as well as concierge services.

How do you choose Corporate Housing?

To choose the right corporate housing arrangement for you, start by assessing your specific needs and wants. If you’re more of an on-the-go type of person, you’ll probably want a place that is located conveniently close to where you’re working and probably has easy access to essential shopping. But if you’re more concerned about comfort than convenience, then you may want to stay somewhere with a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere.   

Everyone feels comfortable in different environments, so be sure to find the right match for you!

How to Get Started on Finding Your Own Furnished Corporate Apartment

Are you ready to choose your new furnished apartment in Reno? Stay with CHC is Northern Nevada’s #1 short-term housing and corporate housing company. We provide everything you need to make your transition as stress-free and comfortable as possible. For more information on what we can do for you, connect with us!

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If you live in or near the Reno, NV area, then you’ve probably noticed the influx of people moving to our Biggest Little City – and for good reason, too. Not only is housing in Reno more affordable than other major cities nearby, but it’s also experiencing an increase of new infrastructure and offers many indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy. While there have been many misconceptions about moving to Reno, our team can honestly say it is an amazing place to live, work, and grow. See for yourself why people are deciding to leave expensive cities all throughout the United States to live in Reno, Nevada.

Increased Pricing in Adjacent States

While Reno is staying relatively affordable, residents in adjacent cities, such as San Francisco and areas in Southern California, are experiencing increasingly high costs of living. Californians have increasingly left their expensive homes in hopes of moving to a more economically stable and obtainable place. Often, that place just so happens to be Reno, Nevada. 

According to recent statistics, the rental market in Reno is about 129 percent less expensive to live in compared to San Francisco. Clearly your money is guaranteed to go farther in Reno when it comes to your home’s size and property size as well. Most San Francisco residents are living in apartments, whereas in Reno you’ll find more options for larger housing on larger properties. Executive housing in Reno is abundant too, thanks to companies with flexible and extended stay opportunities.   

living in reno balloon races hot air balloon crowd of people

Job Opportunities

In recent years, Reno has become an epicenter for major technology companies such as Tesla, Panasonic, and Apple. Fortunately, that means there are an abundance of job opportunities for the Reno area. The city has seen an increase of bigger businesses bringing an influx of job opportunities for the Truckee Meadows community. The number of jobs created by Tesla only seems to be increasing in Reno, so hopefully other tech giants can feel more inclined to move here and give exciting job opportunities to locals.  

Amenities and Entertainment

Another reason people have been migrating and living in Reno is due to the tremendous amount of outdoor and indoor activities and events there are to enjoy. Being just an hour drive away from the beautiful Lake Tahoe area, there are plenty of winter and summer activities for sports enthusiasts to partake in. We have several different ski resorts close enough for anyone to enjoy during the winter months, and summers can usually be spent along one of the many beaches along the shores of Lake Tahoe. 

We also have casinos, restaurants, indoor trampoline parks, local events, art venues, theaters, kid-friendly fun centers and so much more. There’s so much fun to be had when living in the  Biggest Little City of Reno, Nevada.

Considering Living in Reno? Stay With CHC!

If you’re thinking about moving away from your hometown to join the beautiful community of Reno, Nevada then consider staying with us! Stay With CHC is a corporate housing company that has made relocating to Reno simple. Family and individual corporate housing doesn’t have to be a hassle when you’re staying in a great city. We understand normal corporate housing can feel very, well, corporate. We strive to enhance your experience with us by offering luxury, turnkey housing accommodations to make you feel more at home during your extended stay. Corporate housing at Stay With CHC is specifically designed to provide guests with feelings of luxury and comfort. Connect with us to see how we can help make your extended stay in Reno more comfortable!

The CHC Difference: is an independent temporary housing service focused on finding you the best possible corporate housing fit.

To provide you with peace of mind, we offer only the highest quality of furniture, decor and household goods in all of our conveniently located temporary housing properties.

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March 20th began this year’s spring season and it’s safe to say that the majority of us can’t wait for the weather to warm up. Being cooped up at home can take a toll on your mental and physical health which is why it’s more important now than ever to get out and enjoy some fun springtime activities in Reno. Whether you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast or just want to get out of the house to breathe in some fresh air, there’s something for everyone in Reno to do this spring - even those who are staying in short-term housing. So, what do we have happening in the Reno-Tahoe area this spring? Here’s a list of things to do that will keep you busy until the summer hits.

Fun Springtime Activities To Do in Reno 

Spring in Reno is full of life and adventure. Not only are people getting out and enjoying the sunshine more frequently since the weather is warming up, but nature is in full bloom now. The Reno-Tahoe area offers many outdoor activities from casual walks around the river to breathtaking hiking trails. Take a look below to check out some of our favorite springtime activities to do in Reno!  

baseball game fun springtime activitiesBaseball Games

Here in Reno, we don’t just have baseball games, we have “Aceball” games. The Reno Aces is our city’s AAA baseball team and the locals are always excited to show their support and attend a game at the Greater Nevada Field. The games are fun for fans of all ages and they even go above your expectations with unique events and promotions like Star Wars Night and Fireworks Friday. You can also enjoy all of your favorite baseball treats such as hot dogs, candied apples, and beer. All you have to do is grab a seat, bring your hat, and have a good time! 

Skiing Near Lake Tahoe

Skiing is generally considered a winter sport, but in Reno, Nevada, skiing continues well into the spring season. The resorts are looking to stay open until May - and some even later. There are plenty of ski resorts to choose from including Tahoe Donner, Kirkwood, North Star, and Squaw Valley. Be sure to check out their websites for updated closing dates if you’re interested in planning a trip or hitting the slopes this spring.

Sightseeing springtime activities in reno

Something we all take for granted is the natural beauty that exists around us, and spring is the perfect time to finally take it all in. Reno is fortunate to have the Truckee River run right through it which provides hundreds of serene nature scenes. There are multiple walking and biking trails surrounding the river that offer some of the best views you might come across. Just don’t forget to bring your camera to capture all the beauty that Reno has to offer!

Hunter Creek Hiking Trail

The Hunter Creek Hiking Trail in Reno is probably the city’s most popular hiking spot - and for good reason. Found at the end of this 6-mile trail is a beautiful waterfall that visitors just can’t get enough of. The trail is heavily trafficked by friendly hikers often accompanied by friends and even dogs. Though this trail may be longer than most novice hikers are used to, it’s a relatively easy trek to get through. And with the unique waterfall at the end, you’re guaranteed to be very satisfied with your experience. If you do decide to hunt down this trail and give it a try, be sure to set aside a good portion of your day as this hike can take a while to complete. Also, be sure to bring your sunscreen! Some parts of the trail are shaded by tall trees, but there are many open areas where you’ll be exposed to bright sunlight. 

Go Golfing

One of Reno’s favorite springtime activities is hitting the greens for a round - or two - of golf. The great thing about golf is you get to enjoy the great outdoors while squeezing in some mild exercise. And the sport is fantastic for men and women of all ages. So, dust off your clubs and start practicing your swing because there are over 50 golf courses to choose from in the Reno-Tahoe area. For a full list of golf courses in Reno, check out the Golf Pass site here. 

Paddleboarding on the Lake

While it may still be too cold to swim in Lake Tahoe, paddleboarding definitely isn’t off-limits. The Lake Tahoe waters are extremely calm and clear during the spring, making it the perfect location for stand-up paddleboarding. Beaches are also less crowded at this time of year which is a rare experience as temperatures start to rise. There are also several shops around the lake that rent paddleboard equipment to visitors, so if you don’t have your own gear, no need to worry. 

Take an Extended Vacation this Spring and Stay with CHC

Are you thinking of taking a much-needed spring vacation? Stay with CHC is here for you! We strive to enhance your experience with us by offering luxury accommodations that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your extended spring vacation. 

Turn your next long vacation into an unforgettable experience by staying in our Reno short-term housing facilities! Guests can book accommodations for as little as 2 weeks or as long as 1 month. We offer spaces of all sizes and are able to accommodate a variety of needs. Are you thinking of taking a long trip to the Reno area? We’d love to have you stay with us! 

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Winter is the perfect time to take a vacation and enjoy some peace and quiet away from the usual hustle and bustle of your everyday life. There are also a variety of activities to choose from that aren’t offered during a hot summer vacation. For instance, sleigh rides, snowshoeing, skiing, and relaxing by the fireplace are just a few of the fun things you can do during the cold winter months in the Reno area. This year, instead of being cooped up at home, consider an extended vacation and Stay with CHC Reno! There’s something fun for the whole family to enjoy in our cozy little town. Take a look below for some fun Reno winter activities you can do with friends and family this holiday season!

Visit Local Pubs

AT Stay with CHC Reno, one of our favorite things to do is support the local businesses around us. The Reno and Tahoe areas are well known for their breweries and pubs. While some of these locations are limited to only serving drinks, there are plenty of breweries that serve up delicious food along with their micro-brews. Whether you’re in the mood for an afternoon drink following a big skiing day or want to grab some lunch and a beer, the local pubs never disappoint. 

Some of our favorite breweries that also serve food are Great Basin Brewing Co. located in Reno, NV, The Brewer’s Cabinet located in Reno, NV, and The Brewery at Lake Tahoe located in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Each of these breweries has a selection of traditional American pub food, pizza, beer, and a variety of other specialty drinks perfect for the whole family! 

And if you’re just looking for a spot to grab a drink, then check out these local favorites and show them your support! Some of these spots are even pet-friendly, just give them a call before you head on over.

stay with chc reno

Dog-Sledding and Sleigh Rides

Have you ever watched those magical movie scenes where characters get to go on a horse-drawn sleigh ride or be pulled by a team of sled dogs and thought, “Where can I do that?”. Well, those experiences aren’t just for the movies when you visit Lake Tahoe. The Borges Sleigh Ride at Lake Tahoe has been delighting visitors and providing unique winter experiences since 1969. Their sleigh rides include a fully decorated carriage complete with a majestic horse as your guide and breathtaking views of the lake and mountain ranges. 

You can also be pulled by a real team of sled dogs just like in the stories. Dog sledding in Lake Tahoe is a truly unique winter experience for the entire family. Guests can sit back in the comfortable sled while an experienced musher guides a team of huskies through the snow-covered forests and meadows of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Ski Resorts

Thanks to our close proximity to the large mountain ranges of Lake Tahoe, Homewood, and Mt. Rose, we are fortunate to have several ski resorts nearby. Skiing and snowboarding are some of the most enjoyable Reno winter activities. And though they can often be done through the spring season, there’s nothing better than riding your board or skis down a fresh slope of snow. Some of the most popular ski resorts in the Reno-Tahoe area are Mt. Rose Ski Resort, Homewood Mountain Resort, Heavenly Ski Resort, Northstar California Ski Resort, and the Squaw Valley Resort

At these resorts, you’ll find a variety of neatly groomed runs ranging in level of difficulty from “bunny slopes” being the easiest, all the way up to double diamonds which are reserved for only expert skiers and boarders. There are also gift shops, dining areas, and lodging available for guests at each resort. 

stay with chc reno

Snowshoeing Along the Beach

Cross-country skiing also called backcountry skiing, and snowshoeing is extremely popular in the Tahoe and Truckee areas. If you’re an avid hiker, then snowshoeing is just the Reno winter activity you need during a holiday vacation. There are plenty of flat trails along the beaches and meadows of Lake Tahoe that provide every outdoor enthusiast with breathtaking views and unique experiences. 

Cross-country skiing is also a common Lake Tahoe winter activity. Some of the popular trails for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are in South Lake Tahoe near Highway 89. They include Kiva, Baldwin Beaches, Fallen Leaf Lake Camp, Bijou Park, Grass Lake, and Hope Valley.  

Snowmobile Tours

Snowmobile tours are a great Reno winter activity to help you get close to nature. Breathe in the crisp mountain air during a snowmobile tour through valleys, meadows, and mountain trails of elevations up to 9,000 feet. This winter excursion is perfect for all ages and provides the most amazing panoramic views of Lake Tahoe. The most popular snowmobile tours are offered by Zephyr Cove Resort just miles from the California/Nevada Stateline. Check them out here and book your snowmobile adventure today!

Stay with CHC Reno This Holiday Season!

Take an extended vacation and Stay With CHC Reno! We strive to enhance your experience with us by offering luxury accommodations that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your extended winter vacation. Stay with CHC is located close to the famous Lake Tahoe – which is covered in snow during the winter months – providing the perfect winter wonderland for your family and friends. 

Connect with us today to book your reservation or check out our various locations!

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Vacations are an important part of your work-life balance and you deserve some time off to help you unwind from the stressors of life. Most families choose to take extended vacations in the summer months, but winter vacations have a variety of benefits - both for your mind and your wallet. When it comes to vacationing, the place you stay in can greatly affect your experience, so it’s important to choose a location and venue that best suits the entire family. Reno short-term housing provides the ideal winter vacation destination.

Check out some of our short-term housing locations for yourself and see why people are flocking to the Reno area for their winter vacation!

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Benefits of Taking a Winter Vacation


reno short term housing - mental health


Mental Health Boost

Everyone needs proper rest and relaxation to destress and feel more balanced. One of the best ways to do this is by taking an extended vacation. Taking breaks from work and other responsibilities by going on vacation can help boost your mental health in several ways. and%20anxiety" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Studies have shown that taking time off from work can make you happier and healthier. By removing yourself from the environments or situations that cause stress, your anxiety and mood are likely to improve. 


short term housing - family


Reconnecting with Family and Nature

Winter outdoor activities are a great way to reconnect with nature and family during a vacation. While many people enjoy being outdoors in warmer weather, there are a plethora of cold-weather activities that are extremely popular. For instance, skiing and snowboarding are among some of the most popular winter sports. And with our close proximity to the beautiful Lake Tahoe, you can bet that the Reno area is surrounded by amazing ski resorts. There are a total of and%20map%20of%20all%2015%20ski%20resorts%20at%20Lake%20Tahoe" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">15 ski resorts in Lake Tahoe to choose from. Other common winter activities include sledding, snowshoeing, and ice skating, all of which are available in the surrounding areas of our facilities.  

Many families find great solace in spending quality time with one another, and what better way to do that than in the great outdoors? Getting some fresh air and venturing out into the natural world can help you reconnect with your environment and allows you to spend some much needed time with your loved ones. This in return may help you feel more refreshed after your vacation.


Short Term Housing


New Experiences

If celebrating the holidays with gifts and material things isn’t your thing, then giving the gift of new experiences might be. Families value the chance to create new memories with one another much more than getting tangible gifts. Taking an extended winter vacation with your loved ones may be the holiday gift you and your family need to reconnect and share new experiences which is the best gift you can give yourself and others. Rather than struggling to find your relatives the perfect gift, spend some quality time with them during an extended stay vacation in Reno short-term housing.

Reno Short-Term Housing Options

Take an extended vacation and Stay With CHC! We strive to enhance your experience with us by offering luxury accommodations that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your extended winter vacation. Stay with CHC is located close to the famous Lake Tahoe - which is covered in snow during the winter months - providing the perfect winter wonderland for your family and friends. 

Turn your next long vacation into an unforgettable experience by staying in our Reno short-term housing facilities! Guests can book accommodations for as little as 2 weeks or as long as 1 month. We offer spaces of all sizes and are able to accommodate a variety of needs. Are you thinking of taking a long winter trip to the Reno area? We’d love to have you stay with us! 

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One of the first things you need to take care of when traveling to a new city is deciding where you’ll stay. The first accommodation that comes to mind is a hotel, but this isn’t the only option you have anymore. While hotels used to be the standard for short-term travel, corporate housing has become increasingly popular among business travelers for many reasons. Designed as a home-away-from-home for the employee looking for an extended stay, our guests are much more comfortable lodging with us. So, how are hotels and corporate housing different? Check out our list of the key differences between hotels and short-term housing.

corporate housing rentals


It’s no secret that hotel rooms are small. The average size of a hotel room in the U.S. is around 350 square feet. This includes the bathroom and all living space in the room, which isn’t much when you put a bed and TV in there. Typically, business professionals who are traveling for their job end up taking their work back to their room which can be difficult to focus on in such a small space. Corporate housing, however, accommodates these guests much more comfortably by providing lodging with more square footage and multiple rooms. There are separate areas for sleeping, cooking, working, and relaxing. 

Each of our housing options includes a full-size kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom among other unique amenities.

Comfort and Luxury

While hotels are designed to accommodate their guests in the best way possible, they often fall short of comfort and luxury. Small hotel rooms are often cramped and lack the necessary amenities that give you solace after a long day. Corporate housing is specifically designed to provide guests with feelings of luxury and comfort. As opposed to the usual thin sheets, scratchy blankets, and overly large pillows of a hotel room, temporary housing provides items that help guests feel more comfortable, just like they’re back at home. 

We want each of our guests to feel like they’re in their home-away-from-home which is why our facilities have multiple rooms that are fully furnished and decorated. Each unit has its own kitchen, living area, bedroom, and bathroom, and high-quality pillows, blankets, towels, utensils, and more are provided to each guest.

corporate housing


You may have noticed the last time you stayed in a hotel that it was noisy and gave you very little privacy. And after a long day of working, the last thing you want is to hear is your neighbor’s loud television or feet stomping around. Lack of privacy is extremely high in hotels and it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep, stay focused, or just relax. Corporate housing provides privacy in your own space which business travelers really appreciate.


When it comes to travel, where you stay makes up the majority of your costs. However, this isn’t the only thing that can get pricey during an extended stay. The price of eating out for every meal adds up quickly and in a hotel, guests don’t even have the option to cook for themselves. In a corporate housing facility, each unit includes a fully equipped kitchen so guests can make meals just like at home. Some hotels also charge guests for parking and to use other amenities such as the gym and Wifi. Also, hotels are known for sneaking in hidden fees for things like housekeeping making extended hotel stays extremely expensive. 

With corporate housing, all fees are included in the quoted rate and all units are equipped to feel like home.  

extended stay reno

Corporate Housing Services

It’s easy to see why customer service is important when traveling. High-quality assistance from staff when planning a trip can significantly reduce scheduling time, stress, and mistakes. Our corporate housing company is specifically built around extended stay travelers. When you book with us, you know you’ll be receiving the most experienced corporate housing services available.

For long-term business travel, corporate housing is the undeniable superior. With more options, accommodations, and amenities for extended living, it should be your go-to option. If you are interested in choosing a corporate housing company for your next stay, then connect with us! Contact Stay with CHC today for more information on how we can help you.

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In real estate, turnkey properties, or turnkey housing, refers to a property that is move-in ready and doesn’t require any repairs or remodeling. Essentially, turnkey housing makes moving much easier, especially when they come pre-furnished. Turnkey properties are also ideal for investors who appreciate the "hands-off" management of a rental home because they require less upkeep. When you need a simple, quick solution to your moving problems, consider turnkey housing for some easy living. Stay with CHC offers several housing options made for the individual business person or an entire family. See what properties we have available below!

short term housingHow does turnkey housing work?

Turnkey properties grew in popularity after the recession of 2008 because of how cheap homes were going for. Today, buying is 30% less expensive than renting and investors are really reaping the benefits of turnkey housing. Likewise, homeowners seek this type of housing when they’re working with a limited budget or don’t have the resources to carry out renovations. 

How it works is either an investor or a potential homebuyer will purchase a newly remodeled home that is already painted, landscaped, upgraded, and sometimes furnished. Because the home has recently undergone maintenance, the buyer gets to save on various expenses such as holding costs and repairs. Basically, the price you see is the price you’ll pay because the home comes move-in ready. 

How do you know if a turnkey property is right for you?

There are several reasons people seek out turnkey properties including the investment opportunity and possible financial savings. But how do you know if turnkey housing will be the best option for you? To start, consider the following:

Are you a busy real estate investor? 

Typically, real estate investors have little time to devote to managing the maintenance of their properties. Fortunately, turnkey properties are low-maintenance investments that bring in added revenue with little effort on the capitalist’s end.  

Do you have a strict budget?

For homebuyers who have a limited budget, turnkey properties are an ideal option to consider. They require almost no additional costs - the price that’s listed will be the price you pay. Surveys have even found that 44% of buyers who purchase fixer-uppers end up overspending on renovations by about $25,000.   

How do you feel about home improvement?  

Home improvements are a big deal when you become a homeowner. You can either take on the challenge of performing the repairs yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. But, whichever path you choose, just know that owning a fixer-upper is either costly or very time-consuming. 

Turnkey Housing in Reno, NV

When it comes to relocating to a new city or state, look to Stay with CHC for the most comfortable stay. We provide fully furnished turnkey housing complete with washer and dryer, kitchen and dishware supplies, cable and wifi, and all your other home necessities. Family and individual corporate housing shouldn’t have to be a hassle when you’re staying in a great city. We strive to provide high-quality accommodations that help you feel like you’re home. 

Getting ready to move to a new place? Consider turnkey housing for comfortable, easy living, and contact StaywithCHC today to learn more about our affordable housing options!

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If quarantine has you feeling down, you’re not alone. Being stuck indoors for extended periods of time can make you stir crazy which is why it’s important to get out and enjoy Reno while you can. Maintaining social distancing and keeping safe right now is crucial. Fortunately, our big little city offers many outdoor activities that are safe and fun. Why not take an extended stay in Reno this fall for some adventure and excitement? 

Stay With CHC provides cozy extended housing for families and business professionals, and is conveniently located close to the Truckee River, large popular parks, and more. Come visit and see all there is to do this fall right here in Reno, Nevada!

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extended staySunset Kayak Tours - Tahoe City 

Reno is fortunate enough to be less than an hour away from the famous Lake Tahoe which visitors flock to all year round. While the winter months tend to send chills over the Tahoe area, fall remains warm and sunny for months. Tahoe City Kayak helps extend the water sport season into the fall with their Sunset Kayak Tours which many locals call an unforgettable experience unmatched by other activities. 

The guided tour starts with you, your kayak and the open water of Lake Tahoe. Starting times will vary depending on when the sun is supposed to set that day and continues until dusk - usually lasting around an hour. This little excursion is highly recommended for novice and expert kayakers, and is a must-see for all nature lovers. Don’t forget to bring your camera along so you can savor the moment for years to come!

Outdoor Adventures at Ferrari Farms 

Ferrari Farms is a local favorite in Reno and has been a part of the community for over 100 years. During the summer months Ferrari Farms hosts one of their most popular events - Summer of Flowers, where guests can choose from 20 plus types of sunflowers to pick and photograph. Similarly, Ferrari Farms also hosts the U-Pick Vegetables event starting August where guests can bring home a variety of freshly picked veggies ranging from corn to pumpkins. 

Later in the fall season Ferrari Farms puts on their annual Fall Festival complete with a 5-acre corn maze, tractor hayrides, and Zombie Paintball in the evenings. And if you’ve ever wanted to do yoga surrounded by baby animals, look no further. Baby Goat Yoga is also incredibly popular and the experience is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Fall Fishing

Reno’s close proximity to Lake Tahoe, the Truckee River, Donner Lake, and more make it the ideal location for fall fishing. Many Reno residents are avid fishers and the abundance of natural water resources provide plenty of entertainment to them. Whether you’re interested in fly fishing, shore fishing, or boat fishing, we’ve got it all. Try fly fishing in the Truckee River at the designated catch and release area, or charter a fishing boat to catch some lake trout, rainbow trout, and kokanee salmon. 

Autumn Leaf Peeping 

If you’re like many others, the changing of the leaves probably makes you want to grab your camera and capture the beautiful fall colors. And if that sounds like you, then you should join the Reno community for leaf peeping in the park! Leaf peeping is similar to bird watching in which naturists will travel to spots where leaves change color in the fall so they can look at and take photos of the beautiful fall foliage. Check out Callahan Park, Mayberry Park, the Reno Riverwalk District, and Rancho San Rafael for the best views! 

Salmon at Taylor Creek

There are other ways for you to experience the full spectrum of fall colors near Reno. South Lake Tahoe is home to Taylor Creek, a popular sight-seeing spot known for its kokanee salmon. While many people enjoy recreational fishing, most visitors come to this spot just to look at the beautiful colors of the salmon! Starting in late August, kokanee salmon begin their spawning season during which their scales turn a bright, deep red color to attract a partner. This, combined with the changing leaves and Lake Tahoe landscaping makes for a breathtaking sight to behold. 

stay with chcTake an extended stay vacation in Reno and stay with us!

We strive to accommodate all our guests with excellent housing for their extended stay in Reno. Whether you’re visiting for a much needed vacation or for a business trip, our corporate housing will make your trip one to remember. We understand that normal corporate housing can feel very, well, corporate. We strive to enhance your experience with us by offering luxury accommodations that will make you feel more at home during your extended stay. Connect with us to see how we can help make your extended stay more comfortable!

The price of an apartment has skyrocketed in recent years. Not to mention they generally require you to be locked into a long term lease, which is less than ideal in our quickly moving and ever-changing world. On top of that, there are usually strict guidelines to follow and the parking situation is often a mess. Then you have to furnish your new apartment which can be costly, especially for families. Fortunately, we have the solution to all of these concerns. 


Advantages of Short Term Housing

andles, and silverware. There is granite kitchen in the background." width="541" height="361" />

You may have heard of corporate housing, also known as short term housing, but what you may not have known is that it’s not just for traveling businessmen and women. Short term housing offers a wide range of advantages not only to business professionals, but to families, college students, and anyone who’s only traveling somewhere new for a brief time. Check them out below.

Ease of Moving-In

Corporate housing makes moving easy, which is great news for anyone. CHC has elegantly furnished each unit to make you and your family feel more comfortable. Not only does this save you money on expensive pieces of furniture that you’ll have to lug around once you move, but it also gives your temporary home the feeling of home. Comfort for our guests is one of our biggest priorities. With that said, we also provide soft sheets and towels of the highest quality, and have equipped the kitchen with whatever you may need to make your favorite home-cooked meal.

No Long Term Lease

Another reason short term housing may be a good living arrangement for you is having the flexibility to move at any time. If you’ve ever lived in an apartment you probably know that they require you to sign a long-term lease agreement of at least a year. But, some of us aren’t sure what we’re going to be doing in a year, and committing to such a long-term lease could feel restricting. And to break your lease early usually costs a pretty penny and results in you having to forfeit your deposit. However, with short term leasing opportunities, you have the freedom to move on whenever you’re ready. And even better, it costs absolutely nothing to do so.

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Greater Availability

Not only are apartments somewhat expensive and restrictive, they’re also hard to come by. Places like Reno, Nevada are vastly growing their communities, which has limited availability of open apartments. This limited availability often makes apartments more expensive and sometimes unaffordable. Apartments are often competing with families and students who are looking to stay long term, which can hurt your chances of getting the apartment you want. Corporate housing has much more availability than apartments and can accommodate families, college students, and more!

Kind and Friendly Service

Most people find that their apartment complex does very little in regard to their services. It usually takes days or even weeks to get anyone to help you with a leaky faucet and the office staff rarely seems helpful in problematic situations. If you decide to Stay with CHC you can expect to get high-quality assistance from our friendly staff. We’re here to help make your stay more comfortable, and we’re always happy to be able to give our guests a great experience with us.

Stay With CHC - Short Term Housing Company

Rather than spend your time and money looking for an apartment to live in, consider choosing our short term housing options! We strive to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. We want you to enjoy Reno and Northern Nevada as much as we do, and we’d love to have you stay with us! Check out our corporate housing units today!

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