Available Turnkey Housing in Northern Nevada

Made For You

We know the feeling, you’ve seen the pictures of a great rental that’s available. The furniture is clean, the lighting is great, and the pillows are fluffed. Then you see the place in person - it’s empty, abandoned, and even the fridge that was in the photos is gone! Suddenly the stress of moving becomes overwhelming. What if that didn’t have to be?

At StaywithCHC, we want to make the process of moving as simple and easy as possible.That’s why we’ve combined turnkey housing with temporary housing.

Leave the Extra Luggage Behind

Our goal is to make your stay comfortable, efficient, and above all else - easy. You’ve traveled a lot and know what you need to bring. All of our units are completely furnished and ready to move in. All you need to do is turn the key. We’ll call it an accomplishment if you don’t need to bring that extra bag.

Say Goodbye to the Hotel Mini Fridge

We’ve been there, you get to your hotel room, drop all your luggage and start Googling places to eat. You’d stay in and relax, but eventually you’ll have to head out to grab a bite to eat. In our communities, each turnkey housing unit comes with a fully-equipped kitchen. You’ll have pots, pans, plates, eating utensils, and every other kind of kitchenware you need to start cooking homemade meals on your first night, -just bring the food! You won’t even need to bring napkins. And whatever you have leftover you can save in the fridge, yes a full fridge, no tiny hotel mini fridge in our units.

More than One Room

At a StaywithCHC turnkey house, you won’t have to sit at the foot of  bed to watch TV. Cook your meal in the kitchen, then unwind and relax on the couch in the fully furnished living room, and end the night in the bedroom. That’s right, more than one room! In some of our luxury communities, you may even have the option for a separate office to conduct work in. No more stuffy hotel feeling.